SMART CITY GROUP is a Amsterdam and Moscow-based research & development organization. With practical innovation en cross-functional insight we create fresh and original solutions for complex problems. With this approach we help city councils make smart decisions in their efforts to increase quality of life for their residents, and we help companies align their strategies with these ambitions.

We started our journey in 2005 with two pilot studies into e-commerce and the complexity of the logistics behind it. Today (2019) we have more than 18,000 hours of research into interconnections between e-commerce, trade & logistics, digitization, energy transition, traffic (i.e. talking traffic), urban development and management of smart cities.

To achieve our projected goals our practical research included interviews with more than 100 parties – of which governments, academics, consultants, shippers, and transport companies – and studied thousands of publications.

Our research lead us to develop the SMART CITY 360º ecosystem, with the SMART CITY 360º distribution network at the core. Over the coming years our aim is to expand the blueprint for this proprietary ecosystem with various topics that are in need of innovation in the sphere of development of smart cities.