SMART CITY 360º ecosystem™

A blueprint for making your city smart. Our unique SMART CITY 360º ecosystem™ can be used as a platform to manage introductions of smart city projects, solutions and initiatives in your city. For best results this ecosystem is introduced as a living lab within a public-private partnership. The ecosystem covers all smart city components, ranging from smart waste and energy, smart buildings to smart mobility.

Cities all around the world are dealing with similar challenges when searching for ways to become smart cities. Especially council members and civil servants have quite the challenge; they desire to provide ample space for parties to do research, or to development a new product or service and testing of ideas in their urban areas. With great excitement new products and services get introduced to the public, until the realization comes that things have proliferated and become unmanageable.

Too many initiatives, too much demand for the use of public space. How does one manage this?
Introducing the SMART CITY 360º ecosystem; a new way of managing your smart city. Our proprietary blueprint and practical innovative approach helps cities to gain back control over mobility and helps companies and educational institutes with the right tools at the right time to help them do research or to introduce new and exciting smart city products and services in a controlled fashion, where city management is able to keep control.

One of the main issues cities are dealing with these days is mobility, and its effect on the quality of life in the city. Congestion, lack of available and conveniently located parking spaces, public transport options as well as city logistics; these topics are closely connected and enhance the negative experience we can have when trying to get to our urban destinations.

SMART CITY 360º logistics network™
The SMART CITY 360º ecosystem in its core deals with these main issues, because once mobility has improved, there is space for development of new and exciting products and services that make our cities smart and more pleasant to live in. When introducing the SMART CITY 360º ecosystem the first order of business is to roll-out the SMART CITY 360º logistics network; a hyper-efficient solution that brings zero impact logistics to your city.