SMART CITY 360º logistics network™

Cities are increasingly dealing with major issues surrounding mobility. Congestion, lack of available and conveniently located parking spaces, insufficient public transport and immense growth in city logistics. These are just a few topics that have to do with mobility and which are closely tied together. A holistic approach is needed in order to address these interconnected issues successfully; introducing the SMART CITY 360º logistics network™: a proprietary and innovative approach to develop zero-impact city logistics through a living lab, allowing existing companies to drastically reduce their impact on the livability in cities.

Sustainable Development Goals
City council members have headache portfolios when it comes to mobility and city logistics. Cities all over the globe are dealing with an increasing demand for use of public space for logistics. Take the growing number of home delivery services as an example. As a response governments are investing vast amounts of public funds in subsidy programs to finance research aimed to improve performance of the logistics sector, and especially to align this sector with the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Although much of this research is producing good insights into the current state of the sector, it has also been unable to deliver tangible solutions that have significant impact. Reason being is that much of the research and many projects are executed on a much too small of a scale. Both trade and logistics sectors are growing faster than research in its current form can be done into their workings. Add to this the rapid expansion of same day and 1-hour deliveries options that are being offered by e-commerce companies, resulting in an increasing demand in the use of public space. City councils simply don’t have the instruments available to manage these demands in their urban areas, resulting in a reduction of the quality of life for the residents of these areas.

SMART CITY 360º logistics network™ as the solution
The blueprint for the proprietary SMART CITY 360º logistics network has been developed to help cities gain back control and to streamline the trade and logistics sectors towards building zero-impact city logistics. By the fact that this innovative logistics network is developed by a public-private partnership it is guaranteed that regulatory measures taken by the city align with practical solutions implemented to safeguard a robust and flexible logistics network that supplies goods and services to the city’s consumers. A living lab model for this public-private partnership is used, because each city and each neighborhood has its own unique layout, use of space and obstacles.