Logistics Control Tower

In order for seaports and airports to function safely and efficiently we find it completely normal for these to be managed by control towers. Why aren’t cities managed the same way? Unless cities take back control over traffic movements, they will not be able to solve today’s and tomorrow’s pressing issues surrounding mobility and its effects on quality of life in the city. Years of research tells us that in order to gain control there is the need to have access to the right data, and preferably real-time. By receiving and processing this data in a central city logistics control tower this data can be used to make intelligent decisions and respond to the current situation.

To ensure urban mobility and a robust transportation of freight to, from and within the city there is the need to implement a city logistics control tower to plan, manage and monitor intelligent access. The intelligent access system is useful for strategic, tactical and operational traffic management, urban planning, as well as digital law enforcement. A great example is the use of intelligent access on smart loading and unloading zones.

The SMART CITY 360º ecosystem with at its core the SMART CITY 360º logistics network offers a city logistics control tower with a holistic data strategy and an integrated intelligent access system, using Blockchain and a scheme of standardized framework agreements. The logistics control tower provides all the essential functional, technical, legal and operational solutions that are needed to share data, to partner with or to cooperate in, or make use of the SMART CITY 360º logistics network. Becoming a partner in the public-private partnership guarantees shippers and logistics companies a robust and flexible future-proof supply chain, fully digitized, zero-emission and zero-impact. Interesting fact is that due to the innovative business model behind the SMART CITY 360º logistics network joining the network will increase profitability.