Logistics Real-Estate

The logistics sector is changing rapidly, mostly due to changing consumer behavior and the possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution. Changes to the way we look at trade and logistics are needed to improve customer experience, both in online retail and tradition bricks-and-mortar retail. Logistics real-estate plays an important part in the success of such change. For that reason we have researched how to create optimally performing and logistics real-estate in a smart society.

The SMART CITY 360º logistics network™ provides a well thought-out integrated network of regional SMART CITY Cross-Dock Centers, SMART CITY Business Parks, SMART CITY Distribution Centers (city hubs) and SMART CITY Neighborhood Service Points, managed by the SMART CITY Operations Control Center. The buildings have been designed as a response to our 18,000 hours of research into the supply chains that supply the city. Logistics real-estate developed by SMART CITY GROUP is fully designed around the supply chains of the future; digital, flexible, and fast-moving.

The logistics real-estate in the SMART CITY 360º logistics network™ has been designed as an integral system; to facilitate consolidation of otherwise separate supply chains in all three condition types: ambient, chilled and frozen. Being part of the SMART CITY 360º ecosystem™ makes it function as a As-a-Service platform for companies to partner and to coopete.